ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope

It beats going cross-eyed!!

ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope
SA200 - Monitor type.

Hand Held ScreenScope
SA200VO - Hand Held type.

ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope
SA200LT - Laptop type.

Now in ever increasing demand, the ScreenScope mirror stereoscope brings true 3D viewing to your computer screen. Easily transported and erected, ScreenScope fits a variety of computer screens and avoids the need for expensive hardware upgrades. It is simple as "Clamp and Play" ScreenScope also offers improved user comfort and is completely free from screen flicker.


  • Direct clamp to your monitor from 14" to 21"
  • Suitable for Laptops
  • Adjustable viewing of screen.
  • ABS moulded stereo head.
  • Chrome surface mirrors.
  • Provision for personalised viewing lenses.


  • No screen flicker: Greater user comfort.
  • No expensive hardware upgrades are required.
  • Minimal setup time. As easy as "Clamp and Play"
  • Easily transported.

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