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3D Album - A Taste of 3D contains a wonderful collection of stereo images. These image include

  • Photographs of people, places and art
  • Old stereograms some over 100 yers old
  • Aerial photographs
  • Satellite images

3D Album's easy to use interface allows you to browse the image by category or keywork search. With the ScreenScope users are able to enjoy viewing the selected image in true 3D comfortably. It beats going cross-eyed!!

Here are a few examples;

Sculpture - Rundle Mall, Central AdelaideART
This sculpture is located in the centre of Rundle Mall in Central Adelaide.
Bezierflora BenitaDESIGN
Bezierflora Benita
Generated by Tony Bignell using POV-Ray.
Koala BearFAUNA
Koala Bears are one of Australia's unique animals.
A replica of one of the first ships to visit Australia's shores.
The Pinnacles, Western AustraliaLANDSCAPES
The Pinnacles, Western Australia
Didgeridoo player - Sydney Opera HousePEOPLE
Didgeridoo player & Sydney Opera House
Old Photo's
"Ballerina" seated on a column
  • The above samples are best viewed at 800 x 600 screen resolution.
  • Use the centre dividing line to adjust the image separation.
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