Australian Landscapes
Australian Landscapes - Cover
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Stereo images:
Latrobe Valley
Mt. Newman
NW Forrest
Uluru (Ayres Rock)
Wilpena Pound

Annotated image.




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Gives students an opportunity to study various aspects of Human and Physical Geography and Environmental settings interactively. Three major cities are covered in detail with a wealth of information and activities. All other locations covered have student activities to help students achieve a wider understanding of that particular environment and practice many geography skills.

  • Detailed inner city study of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
  • 26 locations, covering all aspects of geography and the environment.
  • True 3D viewing (ScreenScope required).
  • Interactive activities on all areas.
Australian Landscapes includes 26 locations around Australia. Each location can be studied using two viewing methods; Stereo View and Single Image View.
Australian Landscapes - Locations
Stereo View, enables students to visualise vertical aerial photographs of the selected location in true 3D at their desktop using the ScreenScope. By using stereoscopy students are able to develop an understanding of the environmental features of the location and how it relates and interacts with human activity. The zoom feature allows detailed study of the location under investigation.
Australian Landscapes - Stereo View
Screen Shot - Stereo image view
In Single Image View, information is presented in a broad range of formats including aerial photographs, maps, photographs, text and graphs. Interactive activities guide the student through the information and develop important geography skills. Features of the Single Image View include:
  • Annotated image.
  • An overlay grid for both the aerial photograph and map.
  • Zoom for a more detailed look at photographs and maps.
  • Cutting and pasting of photographs etc.
Australian Landscapes - Single View
Screen Shot - Single image view