Gateway into Bali
Gateway into Bali
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Features of the 3 modules:

1. GIS
  • Step by step instructions.
  • Graded activities.
  • Print/export map layouts.
  • Input data and create new layers of information.
2. Infobase
  • Contains 18 topics.
  • Each topic has a student based activity.
  • Rich variety of maps, graphs and photos.
  • Print/export information and illustrations.
3. Bahasa Indonesia
  • Learn language in daily use.
  • Listen to native speakers.
  • Practice language skills.

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This new and highly interactive program is an Australian educational first in teaching the use of GIS (Geographical Information System) using interactive and intuitive methods. It features teacher designed activities for use by students from upper primary to secondary. 'Gateway into Bali' is a rich, fully featured, in depth program in three modules, with a comprehensive collection of illustrations, photos, graphs and maps. Gateway into Bali is comprised of 3 separate modules:

GIS - Australia's first GIS specifically for education. GIS screen
An educationally designed Geographical Information System (GIS) program based on Mapinfo. The dataset contains multiple layers of information that includes: Grid, Bali coastline, contours, regency boundaries and capitals, villages and boundaries, main and minor roads, rivers, soil types, land uses, rainfall, forest areas, population and tourism data The module contains a set of graded activities that cater for beginner through to advanced users of GIS, containing helpful step-by step instructions that guide the student in early activities.
Infobase - An interactive presentation of Bali. Infobase screen
The infobase module contains four major sections: Bali the Beautiful (Geography), Bali the Host (Tourism), Bali the Producer (Economic activities) and Bali the Traditional (Culture and customs). These four are further divided into a total of 18 information intensive topics each with an interactive presentation and a generous range of photos, graphs, maps and glossary. Each topic also features a designed activity (written by practicing teachers) that guides the user. These activities are outcome based and linked to National profiles
Bahasa Indonesia - A practical introduction.
Bahasa Indonesia scren
Designed as a 'taster course', but also useful for students already familiar with the Indonesian language. The course is a practical guide to the use of Bahasa Indonesia and contains cultural references in usage. The interactive course includes: An introduction. Greetings. Introducing yourself Asking questions. Buying and spending in Bali. Transport and travelling. Eating out. A helpful phrases section is also included.