Collie Broadsheet
Coal Mining In Western Australia
Collie Broadsheet

Cat. No. SA092

Collie Broadsheet

This full colour, high quality broadsheet contains:

  • A3 colour Landsat TM image 1:250,000 size showing the Collie-Bunbury region.
  • A3 topographic map 1:250,000 size covering the same area as the map.
  • Colour vertical aerial photo of the Muja power station and open cut mine date 29-3-93
  • 14 original colour graphs (pie, area, line, vertical & horizontal columns, 3D columns) to show various aspects of Collie coal mining and the impact on the environment.
  • 2 ground photos to show open cut mining and dump rehabilitation.
  • 2 diagrams of coal seams and coal mining processes.
  • Map of Western Collieries holdings

Included with the broadsheet are five sets of questions and excercises covering skills in map reading/analysis, photo interpretation and graph analysis. An answer sheet is available.

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