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Geodata Melbourne contains a wealth of recent information on Melbourne in various formats including Graphs, Maps, Photographs, Tabulated Data and Text Files that can form the basis for any Australian studies program.

An easy to use interface allows the user to browse the information by data type or keyword and view the information. Graphs, Maps, Photographs can also be displayed side-by-side for comparison.

By cutting and pasting into a word processor teachers can quickly and easily produce activities, and students can gather and compile information for their reports/presentations. The data may also be used in GIS activities for choropleth mapping of the data.

There are prepared activities written by practicing teachers. They have been written to cater for a range of age groups and levels of difficulty, from low order to higher order geographic skills.

It contains over 1,000 files of information. These include:

  • 30 graded student activities for different levels and complexity.
  • 500+ original graphs.
  • 71 maps.
  • 107 photos.
  • 138 tabulated data.
  • 56 text files.

A wealth of information and a must have for any student of Melbourne.

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