North American Landscapes
Visualise North American landscapes in 3D.

North American Landscapes - Cover
Windows 95/98/NT

Stereo images:
Baffin Island
Caneville Reef
Canyon lands
Coahuila County
Colorado River
Hoodriver County
New Mexico
Nye County
Riverside County
Utah County
West Texas


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Screen shot - Overview Contains extensively illustrated general introductions to:
  • Deserts,
  • Fluvial systems,
  • Glaciation,
  • Igneous rocks,
  • Mass movement,
  • Physiographic provinces,
  • Shorelines and Structure.
  • Observe landscapes in real 3D
  • Ideal for the study of physical geology, structural geology, physical geography, geomorphology, photogrammetry, remote sensing and aerial photo interpretation.
  • The images my be viewed in stereo or single mode.
  • Print images and information
  • Topographic maps
  • Extensively illustrated with photos and diagrams
  • Detailed glossary of terms
  • Guided questions and activities for the students.
North American Landscapes includes more than 90 locations around the USA and Canada. Each location can be studied using two viewing methods; Stereo View and Single Image View.
Stereo View, enables students to visualise vertical aerial photographs of the selected location in true 3D at their desktop using the ScreenScope. More than 90 stereo pairs of black and white and color aerial photographs obtained from various government agencies in the U.S. and Canada. It contains geologic features from all of the Physiographic provinces. The collection includes standard aerial photographs (scale 1 in = 1 mile) plus special low altitude and high altitude photographs flown for specific geologic and geographic missions. There are maps for most of the locations.
North American Landscapes - Stereo View
Screen Shot - Stereo image view
In Single Image View, information is presented as aerial photographs and maps. Black and white and color aerial photographs as well as colour Landsat images, radar images, color digital shaded relief maps and high altitude color infrared photos are included. Each image contains a set of exercises for the student. There is also a printable teacher's supplement with locations, topographic and geologic map references and the features illustrated on each image. Features of the Single Image View include:.

  • An overlay grid for both the aerial photograph and map.
  • Zoom for a more detailed look at photographs and maps.
  • Cutting and pasting of photographs etc.
North American Landscapes - Single View
Screen Shot - Single image view